Some advice from George Nelson

I think George Nelson is probably my favourite writer on design. Like many of my favourite thinkers and writers his work is now largely out of print. This may say something about me or, maybe, something about the times we live in. Anyway, here’s one from George to think about:
“The Eames Memorial Lectures are not supposed to be sermons, as I understand it, and, anyway, I have never believed in the virtues of missionary work, which historically has succeeded only in putting Mother Hubbards on all those beautiful Hawaiian bodies and hacking paths through the jungle for the advance troops of Empire. If I did believe in giving advice, however, I think that what I would suggest is trying the interesting experience of being out of style, or maybe just getting out of step once in a while. It can be nervous-making at first, but who knows? You might learn to love it.
(Stanley Abercrombie,”George Nelson: The Design of Modern Design”, page 205)