Pretty good advice for all of us

Nabeel Hamdi’s code of conduct for professional planners, looks like pretty good advice for all of us:
“work backwards, move forwards; start where you can”
“recognise your own ignorance”
“never say ‘can’t'”
“be reflective”
“embrace serendipity”
“challenge consensus”
“look for multipliers”
“feel good about yourself”

So maybe we should all buy his book, “Small Change: The Art of Practice and the Limits of Planning in Cities” to show our support.(UK here, USA here)
(Too often I leave out the convoluted chain of links that lead to one of my posts. Since this chain is a bit simpler and contains two of my best sources of links and ideas, I thought I’d better try. It began with a link on Abe Burmeister’s excellent abstractdynamics to a thoughtful article by John Thackara on on his blog, where I was intrigued by a bit about Nabeel Hamdi, who I googled and found the bit that ended up here in a review of Hamdi’s book by Nick Falk on the Resurgence site, from which I took the quote.)