The more taboos and inhibitions there are

“You govern a kingdom by normal rules;

You fight a war by exceptional moves;

But you win the world by letting alone.

How do I know that this is so?

By what is within me!
The more taboos and inhibitions there are in the world,

The poorer the people become.

The sharper the weapons the people possess,

The greater confusion reigns in the realm.

The more clever and crafty the men,

The oftener strange things happen.

The more articulate the laws and ordinances,

The more robbers and thieves arise.
Therefore, the Sage says:

I do not make any fuss, and the people transform


I love quietude, and the people settle down in their

regular grooves.

I do not engage myself in anything, and the people

grow rich.

I have no desires, and the people return to


Lao Tzu