The universe is alive

Willis Harman was asked in an interview:
“Of your life experiences, the time that you have been here, what is your wisest piece of advice or the wisest thing that you know?”
He replied:
“I think the wisest thing is being humble and listening. We live in a very arrogant society. Listening has to do not only suppose with listening to myself, but listening to nature and listening to very simple people. There are things that Native Americans have said to me in just a few words, that just summarize so much. I was talking with one Native American and he got a little tired of my questions and he said, “you know you white people, you have so much trouble understanding the way we Indians look at the world, it is very simple to understand how Native Americans view things, you only have to remember two things, one is, everything in the universe is alive, the other is, we are all relatives” and that is wisdom.”