Truly Rich

Some weeks ago I put together a short piece composed of three quotations and three links and called it, “What do we need to thrive?” Looking at some stuff recently, that I intend to write about later, I was reminded of the author of the last quote, Rich Gold. His quote, “We should be careful to make a world we actually want to live in.”, taken from a friend, Stu Card, was a good one. But the link just goes to the last page of his on-line book, The Plentitude, and I’m not sure how many people would have taken the trouble to explore his site further.
If they didn’t this would be a pity. Rich Gold, who sadly died last year, was someone who really lived up to his name. His site is rich with nuggets of pure gold. A good place to start is Plentitude, published in PDF format. This is one book I really would like to see in print as well as on-line. It’s the kind of book you want to savour, to hold in your hand, linger over, to think about.
He writes and draws in a deceptively simple style, but there is much to reflect upon in what is there. He covers an extraordinary range of subjects including how to use PowerPoint effectively, the nature of creativity, ubiquitous computing, the fecundity of nature, to mention a few. A truly rich read, well worth a visit.